BestShot Basic Game Guide
2 min readAug 13, 2021


Basic rules

Players make predictions by staking SHOT tokens in any open matches from the listing. There will be a one percent protocol fee for every transaction you’ve made.

BestShot Game Guide Diagram

The result of the game can be in three different scenarios:

  1. Correct prediction
  2. Incorrect prediction
  3. Tie match or Match canceled

Correct predictions: After the results are confirmed, the players who make the accurate match prediction can claim their initial stake SHOT back — plus WIN rewards.

Incorrect predictions: the amount of the wrong predictions would be locked for 30 days, and there are three options you can take.

Option A: Take it easy and claim your locked tokens back after 30 days.

Option B: Early unlock with the discount from the amount of locked SHOT. (approximately 1% for one locked day, e.g., 15 locked day remains = 15% discount)

Option C: Early unlock using WIN at the same amount of locked SHOT.

TIE match or Match canceled: The SHOT token will be available to claim without the 1% protocol fee and returned to your account.

Dynamic Rewards Calculator

WIN rewards will be automatically calculated on the fly before every match has started. The amount of WIN tokens you can get per 100 SHOTS on the match you’ve predicted will be visible on the rewards card. The returns are not fixed and are dynamic based on the number of predictions played on a given team.

WIN Reward mint rate

By default, the system will generate 10% of WIN tokens calculated from the total amount of SHOT on the incorrect prediction side. However, at the introductory period, a five- times (5X) bonus will be applied. Thus, you can enjoy a 50% WIN mint rate while the player is based in the early stage of the platform. Furthermore, the mint rate will be adjusted over time as the user grows.


In the event of the total amount of any incorrect predictions, 300,000 SHOT will be locked. Then, 30,000 WIN will be minted as rewards and fairly allocated to the correct predictor. During the introductory period., five times bonus applied means 30,000 x 5 = 150,000 WIN will be rewarded.

Caution: Don’t try to interact with the smart contract directly. Otherwise, we can’t help you if any errors may occur.