BestShot Game Sneak peek
4 min readAug 9, 2021


We are thrilled to launch our game for the Premier League Opening with Brentford VS. Arsenal this Friday, August 12, 2021, at the Brentford Community Stadium to be held at 20:00 England time.

In this blog post, we’re going to show how easy it is to play a game with BestShot for this Friday’s big event.

Here is a sample of four different shots of what to expect as you choose your match, learn your game information, make a prediction, and find your results after each event.

BestShot Prediction Market

Choose your matches

From this screen, you see the “featured” matches from among all of the games for that day right at the top of the screen. If you want any other games, you can also find those listed below in this section.

BestShot Game Information

Game Information

After you find the game you want to predict, you can check the BestShot Game Information section with helpful information for you to decide before making your prediction. This area offers important information from head-to-head statistics and home-and-away lineups continuously updated as the system receives stats from all of the best official data sources available for each game.

BestShot Game Prediction

Game Prediction

The Game Prediction section allows you to see the current percentages of shot tokens placed on each team to help you decide what the odds are before you make your decision. This Game Prediction card is only available to users who hold at least 1,000 SHOT tokens in their Best user wallet. This makes it essential for users to keep at least that much to view this crucial data. This also makes it easy to see what other users are placing tokens on in percentages and real-time — also making it possible to place tokens against the popular choice team, which will receive higher WIN earnings based on those “longshot” percentages. It is important to note that predictions will close right before the game starts.

Game Result

The Game Result screen is divided into three main categories — In progress, Finished, and Achieve.

There will be the current status of the next three matches within the In Progress category before, during, and directly after the game is completed. This is indicated as “Not Start,” “Live,” and “Calculating.”

The Not start status refers to games that have not begun but will be underway shortly. Live indicates games that have started and are receiving statistical data as the game progresses. And, calculating is for games that have finished but are finalizing all incoming data information.

After the game is finalized, the results will be indicated with two major scenarios: WIN or LOSE

You can claim your initial staked SHOT tokens back if you receive a winning result, plus your WIN reward tokens to your wallet. But, if your prediction gets a lost result, your SHOT token will be locked for 30 days, after which you can claim them back without any penalty.

In addition, any TIE or Game Canceled scenario will allow you to claim your total SHOT prediction tokens back to the user wallet, including the deducted protocol fee.

After all unlocked SHOT tokens are claimed, the results will be recorded in the BestShot archives as a record for users to track their outcomes in the future.


We are so excited to launch our game for the Premier League Opening this Friday, August 12, 2021. As you can see how easy this game is and how sports are common for all nations, we believe BestShot will become very popular worldwide. A complete guidebook and a video tutorial will be available on the game day for anyone who wants to know more about the functions. All SHOT tokens prices will change that day, so be sure to get your SHOT token at the PRESALE PRICE now.

Happy gaming!