BestShot is a Gaming — NOT a Gambling service.
3 min readAug 10, 2021

BestShot is a play-to-earn sports prediction game that allows players the thrill of guessing which of their favorite teams is going to win without worrying about the initial stake loss if the outcome of their prediction ends up losing. The prominent position of our service is to firmly state that we, in no way, support gambling and are very much against any gambling services.

BestShot operates under the “no initial stake loss” principle. That is to say, any tokens that are staked on a losing team are held on the blockchain smart contract for a limited time and are returned to the user.

Furthermore, BestShot uses a minimal 1% operation fee that is only enough to run the whole platform to sustain our operation. Lastly, the decision to unlock SHOT early by burning WIN or SHOT tokens is not mandatory.

SHOT token price speculation

Shot tokens can be speculated on but only after reaching a certain amount of game players, which causes a SHOT supply shortage. Only then will shot tokens be able to be speculated on. The whole concept of this platform is to play games. Therefore, adequate SHOT supply and price stability are crucial at the beginning stage to make the platform successful.

SHOT Maximum supply

BestShot has determined that our SHOT tokens will be limited to 300 million tokens. We have this written into our white paper and are stating unequivocally here in this post. Although the maximum supply limit is not stated directly in our smart contract, we ensure that this maximum amount will be locked at 300 million tokens as specified in the white paper.

Presale and HOT shot

After the presale date of the SHOT tokens has passed, we will allocate any remaining tokens to a new distribution area called HOT Shot. This will include any of the initial remaining 20% from the presale portion and sold at bulk prices in the HOT Shot area. The tokens sold in bulk will be sold at a slightly higher price than the presale.