The first week and the road ahead
2 min readAug 22, 2021


BestShot successfully launched

BestShot successfully launched all live game predictions for the Premier League last weekend. We have launched six more soccer EU annual competition leagues this week. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, the Spanish La Liga, the Germany Bundesliga, Italy Series A, and the France Ligue 1 are now available for predictions. We are currently expanding to many other games and teams in the upcoming months. The next big sports league on Best shot will be the National Football League — NFL — starting on September 9th.

BestShot Blockchain security

Blockchain security is one of the most crucial aspects that we are seriously concerned about here at BestShot. Last week, we corrected our smart contract to include adjusted BNB gas prices to remain optimized for all future transactions. This was part of an error we found and corrected that involved compensating those affected by a gas pricing discrepancy. Everything is restored and has been updated in the system.

Once a reputable third-party company completely audits the smart contract, we will secure a full audit report and trust mark. This is very important for building confidence with investors and our community for future long-term activity and growth.

BestShot global marketing campaign

Our global marketing campaign will start right after the auditing process.
We are starting with a global collaboration with other promotional projects as part of a mutual partnership to ensure our viability and versatility. Also, we will have a referral program as an incentive for influencers who want to help bring people on board. Another part of our marketing plan will have a large number of BestShot Broadcasters from social media platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube, and Clubhouse, to name a few.

We want to thank our community for all the support and let you know to keep watching our site for expanded services and continued growth. Each member of our community makes BestShot a great place to enjoy our favorite sports.